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How much are you spending on your online publication? Hundreds? Thousands? Why not cut your costs and improve your online presence at the same time? We practice extreme customer service, because if you aren't successful, we aren't successful.

Here are a few FlexPortal Benefits:
      • 100% flexibility for custom layouts
      • Premium Content feature - require user registration to view select articles
      • Flexible banner advertising - any size, any type, and placed anywhere
      • Banner advertising scheduler
      • Full-featured Classified Ad System / 100% configurable categories
      • Unlimited article categories
      • Category association feature, links categories at display time
      • Automatic Archival/Migration System automatically moves articles to other categories
      • Permission-based access for contributors
      • Permission-based readership options
      • Community calendar system
      • Poll System with scheduling options
      • Forums System
      • Article display by date, most read, random, alphabetical
      • Flexible menus, both horizontal and vertical
      • Forms tools
      • Permission based display of content
      • RSS Reader pulls content into article category display system
      • RSS Feeder broadcasts any or all categories
      • Search Engine Optimization Tools
      • Automatic thumbnail generator and pop-up displayer for images

FlexPortal™ is a full-featured Content Delivery Portal, suitable for the smallest publications up to large-market newspapers or magazines. FlexPortal™ is not written in PHP, ASP or CFM, nor is it an Open Source mish-mash held together with string and baling wire. FlexPortal™ is a hosted solution written in C++. It runs on a UNIX platform for lightning-fast performance and rock-solid reliability.

Stand Head & Shoulders Above the Others, Don't Look Like a Rank Amateur!
The majority of online publications are floundering. Many look like a bad accident. Others are cobbled together tangled messes that couldn't be fixed by an army of coders (the infamous Big Ball of Mud). Some online publishers think 'more is better'. Menus jump at you. There are bells and whistles at every turn, and garish advertising that drowns out content, all making for a most unpleasant experience. Your online presence is no place to cut corners!

At the heart of FlexPortal™ is its proprietary HTML engine and web-based editor. This combination allows FlexPortal™ the ability to create virtually any layout from within the product itself. The proprietary FlexPortal™ engine produces clean, valid WC3 HTML. This means your site will display correctly regardless of the reader's OS or browser!

Your Readers Will Love You and Make Your Site Their Home!
The power of the FlexPortal™ engine is also realized in its ability to allow the end user (reader) to reconfigure a portion of the publication to his or her liking. The reader can change the colors, typefaces, rearrange the content into different rows, set the number of headlines to display, pick the classifieds category they'd like to monitor, add links to websites they visit often, pick the weather for any city they choose, and even set calendar events. These features give the reader a sense of control and ownership of part of your publication, and after investing the time, they're sure to come back. No one wants to be force-fed information they're not interested in, nor do they want to run a gauntlet of menu systems to get to the information they want. Make your online publication a partnership with your audience. Everyone has different tastes, other than your content, what better way to satisfy a wide-range of readers?

Reader Personalization Features:
      • Rearrange Sections
      • Pick News Categories
      • Pick Headline Count
      • Pick Colors and Fonts
      • Add Personal Links
      • Change Weather Cities
To experience these features, go to our demo site and set up an account, then visit the "My FP Times" tab at the top.

There's nothing worse than to be at the mercy of a techie. We've been on both sides of the equation, and know exactly what you're experiencing. They can tell you anything, and you have no choice but to believe them. We want to set you free! We manage the servers, we take care of security, we take care of your site as if it were our own. If your site doesn't look good, we don't look good!

FlexPortal™ is loaded with features. We don't nickle and dime you to death, everything is included! And when a new feature becomes available, you get it for free!

Banner Management System
      • Administrator-defined Banner Sizes
      • Multiple Banner Types (Text, Graphic, HTML, Javascript, Flash)
      • Banner Grouping (run banners in specific locations, or ROS)
      • Day and Hour Scheduling (run banners during specific time slots)
      • Display Priority Weighting (set priority on a banner to allow it run more or less frequently)
      • Expire by Date, Display Count or Click-throughs
      • Extensive Reporting (totals, General CTR, CTR by page, day summaries, hour summaries, prime time analysis)
FlexPortal™'s banner system accommodates any size banner, including text banners. The system allows for a myriad of scheduling schemes down to the hour. Banner statistics are detailed and available in real-time.

News Story/Category Management
      • Headline/Date/ Byline/Teaser/Full-Story Format
      • Unlimited News Categories
      • Permission-based Article Editing
      • Article Display Statistics
      • Automatic Start and Stop Dates on Stories
      • Multiple Image and Caption Embedding with thumbnails and full image display
      • "Most Read" Story Display Box

Classified Advertising System
      • Fully Configurable Category/Subcategory System
      • eBay-style or Classic Print-style Listings
      • Automatic Thumbnail Picture Generation
      • Self-service or Administered Listings
The classified ad system is completely configurable and allows for an eBay™ style view, or a traditional print-like layout.

Community Calendar System
      • Group Functions
      • Permission-based Admin Access Allows for Public Administration
      • Day, Week, Month Views
      • Private Calendar Events

Poll System
      • Poll scheduling
      • Poll archiving

Reader Forums
      • Unlimited Categories
      • Word-Censor Filter
      • User Banning
      • Emoticon Ready

Weather System
      • Automated National Weather Service Data

Realtime Usage Statistics
      • Page Views
      • Unique Visitors
      • Top Pages
      • Exit routes
      • External Referrers
      • Internal Referrers
      • User Statistics
      • Browsers used
      • Source IP
      • Pages Viewed
      • Domain Statistics
      • IP/Domain information
      • Page Statistics
      • Total Views
      • Referring Pages
      • Exit Routes
      • Most Active Users
      • Most Active Domains
      • Site/System Statistics
      • Search Engine Referrals
      • Uptime
      • Disk Usage
      • Page Count
      • Objects
      • Users by Permission Level
      • User Sign-ups
      • User Logins
FlexPortal™ also supports standard reporting tools such as AWStats, Webalizer, Analog, etc.

User Management Tools
      • Required Fields for Registration Options
      • Email Validation Option
      • User List by Name, Permission Level, Activity Date
      • Group-based Permissions
      • Level-based Permissions
      • User Event Notifications
      • CSV User-list Exports

SEO Tool
      • Proprietary Meta Tag Management
Search engine optimization should not be an afterthought. In today's world of electronic news, the importance of optimizing your site is as valid as any other form of advertising. Our unique method of managing your publication's keywords and META descriptions will keep your site competitive in the search engine results.

RSS Aggregator
FlexPortal™'s RSS reader module is a powerful tool allowing web publishers to aggregate headlines from a wide variety of sources into their publications. Unique in features, the RSS feed reader allows for true flexibility with virtually unlimited feeds in unlimited categories.
For instance, you could have several source feeds contributing to the "Entertainment" category, which in-turn would display the aggregate of those headlines. Simply put, ET, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly's headlines can all be mixed and displayed as one group then migrated to their own individual categories after a defined time period, or simply expired.
Check out the RSS reader in action here.

RSS Feeder
      • Feed headlines and teasers from any category
      • RSS feed builder tool

Built-in Web-based Layout Editor
      • 100% of the site design is accomplished with the built-in proprietary FlexPortal™ editor
      • Style Editor
      • Color Editor
      • Global Design Change Utility
      • Template Manager
      • Object Manager

Mail Server Functions (dedicated server option)
      • UNIX-based Sendmail & POP3 Mail for Enterprise Performance
      • SPAM Assassin SPAM Filtering System
      • Unlimited Self-Managed User Email Accounts and Aliases
      • Webmail System

FlexPortal™ is available as either a hosted solution or as a pre-configured hardware/software package.
For pricing, please contact

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